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About my Livejournal.
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Starting today (february 5th 2006) This journal is Friends Only. Comment here if you want to be friends with me.

This is my Livejournal. I'll tell something about my life and such. It's not like I will post everyday, or that I will post something about the day I had. Sometimes it's quizzes.

Please do not comment here if you don't have anything nice to say.

And I have no idea who made my moodtheme. I forgot.

xoxo Deborah

Say something nice for my upcoming birthday on June 2nd or just Spam!!!
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Heya guys! You can comment here about birthday things or just spam! Song lyrics everything. Since my birthday is June 2, It will be on top until then! Comment away! Oh and be nice, and also say Happy (early) Birthday to me!

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Keep commenting peepz!!! Only 1 year to go untill I turn 161718192021222324!!!

I'm 20 today! this is soooo 2010.

love Deborah

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Join this community you guys. If you love Misfits that is!!


that's the link.

and tell them I sent you.



friends list
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I deleted 40 friends from my f-list.
Mostly because those friends weren't regulars anymore and haven't updated in over a year. If you are one of them and are coming back to LJ and want to get to know eachother again, just reply to this post and I'll add ya back again.

<3 Deborah

You don't deserve a point of view, if all you're seeing is you
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steampunkcandy </span></span></a>

and now I'm stealing it.
I hope I can manage to do it all.

That said, I've decided to take one whole playlist, one of the smaller ones, too. I've decided to write a short story on each of the songs. Other than the song title I won't be taking any inspiration from any individual one of the songs but rather the playlist as a whole. In other words, I won't be listening to just the same song over and over as I write a story based on that song title but I will be listening to the whole playlist or even another playlist or no music at all.

I chose to do three different parts.
The first will contain of stories with titles of Paramore's debut album 'All We Know Is Falling'.
The second will contain of stories with titles of Paramore's sophomore album 'Riot!'.
The third will contain of stories with titles of Paramore's latest album 'Brand New Eyes'.

I will also put in some stories with titles of bonustracks and/or unreleased material and/or covers.


All We Know Is FallingCollapse )


- Sunday Bloody Sunday
- Hello Hello
- My Number One
- Throwing Punches

Riot!Collapse )


- Oh Star
- Just Like Me
- Use Somebody
- Decode
- My Hero

Brand New EyesCollapse )


- Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)
- Decoy
- Love's Not A Competetion (But I'm Winning)
- I Caught Myself

I hope I can make it all happen.

Just Like Magic part 2
Taylor UNF
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Just Like Magic
Taylor UNF
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